How much does it cost to slash long grass? (Gold Coast – Brisbane Queensland)

Like all services it can be difficult to give an exact price in an article purely because there are many variables that can alter the end price. Please use this as a guide on the variables to take into consideration.

The price to slash properties depends on factors including:

  • location
  • density of the vegetation
  • steepness of the block
  • How accessible the block being slashed is
  • Treescape
  • Dams and bodies of water
  • Fencelines

A simple block with no trees to maneuver around, not too overgrown, no fences to avoid, no steep inclines and no bodies of water will always be quicker to slash than ones with obstacles to work with. It boils down to time spent both on the block and travelling to the location. An overgrown property with dense vegetation will also take longer to take the tractor through as it needs to go slower to cut through compared to a more frequently maintained property.

At PJP Slashing we have a 2 hour minimum charge which does include travel. On simple blocks it is typically 1 hour per acre. Times of course increase with complexity and Peter can easily offer an obligation free quote to suit your specific property. To remove the guess work please phone Peter to discuss your needs further on 0412 487 329 – he is more than happy to help.