Is long grass a fire hazard? (Gold Coast Queensland)

In short: yes.

Long, dry and dead grass can offer a great kindling and help spread fire far and wide. In our harsh Queensland summer sun it does not take much to spark a fire.

Grass fires can start quickly and spread rapidly, catching people off-guard. They are hot and can also produce large amounts of heat that can kill anyone caught in the area. Wind can also play an important factor in grass fires. It will determine how fast the blaze moves and the direction it heads. Wind can create an unpredictable variable as it can suddenly shift direction at any moment. Fire in tall grass will have tall flames that may easily jump fire breaks, trails and roads further spreading the hazard.

Help protect not only your property but those around you by:

  1. Keeping grass low and maintained
  2. Removing dead and dry waste
  3. Construct fire breaks to help contain hazards
  4. Work with neighbours to form a fire break